About Our Company



We develop a place for partnership. Our neighborhood is made not just of expert artists, however likewise of business and civic leaders, moms and dads and teachers, administrators and volunteers, and numerous young entertainers.We develop a place to get away, to be amused. We produce a place, too, for the thought-provoking theater to converge with our neighborhood problems, a place to engage audiences on appropriate issues and look for cumulative responses. We produce a place to serve as our neighborhood's cultural.

We develop a place for all kids from all backgrounds to discover their own voice and their own place. We're the place where trainees state they have made their friends, felt they're most positive, and made their most hard-won accomplishments. We're a place where kids find out the love of reading, where trainees discover the power of cooperation and effort, and where gifted entertainers establish as artists. Kids find out more than singing and dancing here.

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